Getting attention

Lately I have been getting more attention than usual, I had a weird conversation about this subject with my friend and a had a terrible subject-related experience at JavaSi conference so I thought I could write something about this.

As a geekette I did not get much attention in high school (in Slovenia, we say gymnasium) I would consider myself as a plain Jane. But everything changed when I got to the university. I do not know what has changed, but I get too much guy attention. And conversation with my guy friend was something about that. We discussed how women search for attention and admiration. I am clearly not one of those women and I stated that girls desperately seeking attention probably do not go to uni. I find myself being very judgemental at times and in I put in that “desperately-seeking-attention girl” class girls mostly by looks – too much make-up, slutty dressed … I would say they get “negative” attention that is based completely on their looks and mostly not at all personality. I am not saying looks do no matter, but there are more important things. I even say looks reflect how a person treats and sees her or himself and others.

Now that I have told my opinions, I can tell the conference story. JavaSi is conference for all Slovenian Java users and Zemanta (I did an internship there this summer) invited me to attend there and help them promote the company. They made some really lovely flyers for this, but another company decided for a rather unusual way to promote their products. They had a nude body painted woman walking around. She got a lot of attention, but for all the wrong reasons. But if you think a bit deeper, what message did female visitors receive? Well, IT is male business and a woman has nothing to do there. I could never work in a company that abuses female body for advertisment.

In conclusion, an advice to all young geekettes or just ordinary girls, respect yourself and respect your body. And for all the male readers, well, I cannot come up with anything.


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